Why poverty? Get informed.

by | Sep 22, 2016 | Charity, Deprivation, News, Poverty

Working for Talking Money makes the growing issues of poverty all very clear and it also highlights how other people still have huge misconceptions and judgements about those who face extremely challenging times financially.

Yesterday I overheard someone describing how a man had a approached them, asking for money so he could get a cheap room in a hotel.  Needless to say they were shocked and a bit disgruntled by the boldness of the man who was expecting others to pay out for a bit of ‘luxury’.  What they didn’t know was often emergency accommodation can be a more threatening place than sleeping on the streets.  So it makes sense that this man would try to raise enough money to buy just one night of very basic security.

If the person I overheard talking knew this, their perspective and kindness to this man would have been different.  Most people in challenging and unstable circumstances are there because life has not been kind to them and sometimes bad decisions make it even worse.

We all encounter these issues and being informed about it is incredibly important.  So if you would like to know more there are some great reads including the Bristol Deprivation Report 2015, The Joseph Rowntree Foundation’s report on mental health and poverty and TedTalks have fantastic talks all about The Quest to End Deprivation.

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