‘When debt becomes life or death’

Sep 25, 2017 | News

We are on the countdown to our event ‘When debt becomes life or death’.  We do not believe it is OK for so many people to unjustly suffer due to severe financial hardship. So, we are excited that we are taking time out from our daily work to draw people together to highlight this and say, ‘what can we do TOGETHER to make this problem better?’

Talking Money tackles poverty on the ground, supporting people in their personal financial struggles.  Even though we are team of 28 staff, our advisers work incredibly hard, seeing thousands of people every year.  We feel that these lives deserve to have access to the most basic resources a human needs to survive.  To see a change for the better take place, we feel that we also need to be a voice for our clients, for our leaders to hear about the real problems and to make decisions on it.

Do you have something to say or a solution to offer? If you do, come along to our event! There are still a few places and you can book yourself in by clicking here.

When debt becomes life or death‘, 5pm, Wednesday, 27th September.

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