Our face-to-face sessions are back in Kingswood

We’re delighted to announce the return of our free face-to-face appointments at Kingswood One Stop Shop. 

Lockdowns are over and the world is opening up again—a big change for many of us. And if you’re still feeling stressed out about money, you’re certainly not alone.  

In fact, two out of five families are earning less as a result of the pandemic.  

As much as we wish they didn’t, money problems can affect every area of our lives—but you can now get free face-to-face support in South Gloucestershire. 

Tamra Mannin, Talking Money’s Partnerships Manager, commented:  

“We are really pleased to be back delivering weekly face-to-face help at Kingswood One Stop Shop, providing South Glos residents support with their money worries.”  

You’ll be able to speak to one of our expert advisors in person. They can help you with:  

  • Getting out of debt  
  • Benefits  
  • Budgeting  
  • Reducing household bills  
  • Seeing if you can get extra support and funds  

We’ll help you get the relevant advice, support and information to tackle your money worries.  



Talking Money is at Kingswood One Stop Shop every week. 

All appointments are pre-arranged and to contact us about availability please email mail@talkingmoney.org.uk



We want to do all that we can to help you with your money worries. If you can, please bring the following along to your appointment. If it’s not possible, don’t worry, we’ll still be able to support you:  

  • A wage slip  
  • Latest bank statement  
  • Benefit letters/information about your tax credits  
  • Information on who you owe money to and how much  
  • Copy of loan agreements  
  • Details of your monthly expenses – how much you spend on bills, rent, food, clothes etc.  
  • Relevant letters you’ve received, like court papers.  


Kingswood One Stop Shop has been adapted to allow anybody with physical or sensory impairments to access its services.   

To keep our staff and clients safe all face-to-face appointments will continue to follow social distancing guidelines and masks and visors are recommended.  We have well-ventilated private rooms to meet in. 



When you come for your Talking Money appointment, the following services are available on the same day.  

Speak to local council (drop-in service) 

Did you know you can speak directly with South Gloucestershire Council at Kingswood One Stop Shop on the same day as your Talking Money appointment?  

             Drop-in service: Thursday, 8:45am-4:30pm  

There may be a longer wait time during their busy periods, between 11am and 2:30pm  

Housing advice surgeries 

These are to help you with:  

  • Homelessness, or threat of homelessness  
  • Possible eviction, arrears, debt and repair  
  • Threats of harassment or violence, meaning you cannot remain in your home  
  • Dealing with being in mortgage arrears, or threatened with repossession if you’re a home owner 

Drop-in service: Thursday, 9am-3pm  

This is a drop-in service. Customers will be seen on a first come, first serve basis.  

For any questions on the housing advice surgery, please call 01454 868005