January E-Bulletin 2018 – I AM campaign

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‘I Am’ campaign

Talking Money is proud to be the lead agency for a money and debt advice partnership called ‘Money Advice West’.  This year Money Advice West are excited to launch the ‘I Am’ campaign.

The idea of the ‘I Am’ campaign is to portray individuals as whole, multidimensional people, not simply a one-dimensional walking problem.  There is a lot of stigma around receiving support for money.  Those who need benefits and struggle with debt are often portrayed as lazy, living off the taxes of other hard-working people.  The truth is 1 in 3 families are one pay packet away from being homeless (09 Aug 2016, The Guardian); being in a place of need and crisis can happen to anyone.  Last year only 1.4% of benefit claims were fraudulent; nearly all claims are a sign of struggle.

We want to portray the true nature of our clients, why they matter and how society works better as a whole when it is interdependent.

The two main aims of the campaign:

  • Cultural change; breaking the shame around money, debt and benefits
  • Encouraging potential clients to reach out

It’s important that we work with you to building an inclusive and understanding community.


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