January E-Bulletin 2018 – Funding cuts

Dec 7, 2017 | Uncategorized

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Cuts to our funding. What does this mean for our clients?

Talking Money is saddened to say that we are not untouched by the economic climate.  It has been confirmed that the EDF Energy Trust funding is coming to an end.  We are also expecting a reduction of funding from Bristol City Council and British Gas Energy Trust.  In total, we are preparing ourselves for a 25% loss of our current funding.

We want to make sure we stay focused on our clients in this time as they are the ones who will feel the impact the most.  With cuts to funding over 500 less people will be able to access our services. Many of our clients have complex needs, with money worries just one of the multiple issues people have.

One debt adviser costs £31,628 p/a. They deal with incredibly complex situations where debt is often layered with traumatic experiences, family complications or abuse. In a year, an adviser will touch up to 360 lives. “Your organisation it gives people like me a chance to know that there is always someone to help when debts make you feel like there is just a huge solid wall starting to fall down on you. Again, I just cannot say Thank You enough.” Client, 2017

We want to see people thriving, 
free from debt and poverty,
unhindered to live life fully.

More now than ever we need your help to change lives in and around Bristol.  If you are able to make a donation you can do this by clicking here or if you would like to consider being a Talking Money ‘Major Donor’ please download our guide by clicking here.

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