Help Me

For information regarding contacting us for advice please see our contact page.

Help me manage my money

All of our services are free and independent. We help with all aspects of money management including:

  • Creating and managing a budget
  • Increasing income
  • Applying to charities for grants for furniture and white goods
  • Reducing expenditure through price comparisons and switching suppliers
  • Applying for help with your water bill
  • Setting up and accessing bank accounts
  • Managing money online

Help me with my debt problem

All of our Money Advisers hold the Certificate in Money Advice Practice and are qualified Debt Relief Order Intermediaries. We offer advice, support and information with:

  • Creating a budget to help break the cycle of debt
  • Negotiating payments with creditors
  • Insolvency options
  • Understanding your legal rights

What do I need to do?

We want to help you find the best solution possible to your debt. If you can, please ensure these documents are accessible during our appointment:

  • Wage slip, latest bank statement, benefit letters or information about tax credits
  • Information about who you owe money to and the amount
  • Copy of loan agreements
  • Details of your monthly expenses
  • Letters you have received including court papers

Useful links

National debtline – free online and telephone debt advice
Business debtline – free online and telephone debt advice for small businesses and self-employed people

Help me with my benefits problem

Our team of experienced benefits caseworkers offer advice, support and information with:

  • Benefits checks and “better off” calculations
  • Completing claim forms for benefits
  • Dealing with problems such as overpayments or deductions
  • Appealing decisions (but we cannot usually represent you at a tribunal – please see below)

What we don’t do

Help me with my energy problem

We help with all aspects of energy advice including:

  • Understanding your bills and energy tariffs
  • Price comparison exercises and switching suppliers to meet your needs
  • Energy saving tip
  • Applying for discounts and registering with Priority Services
  • Negotiating affordable repayments on your energy arrears

Help me with food

Feeding Bristol has created the following resource that lists local food provision providers and their details for 2022/2023. Bristol Food Provision Lists

Useful links

Energy Ombudsman Services
A guide to raising a complaint
How to read your meter
Useful Energy Advice resources

Ofgem –