Emlyn and Kathleen

Emlyn and Kathleen 1

A lot of our elderly clients have been left behind with the move from paper forms to digital and are not able to claim the benefits they are entitled to, or secure the right energy deals, with many becoming at risk of homelessness and having to choose between eating and heating.

Emlyn and Kathleen (pictured) are a couple in their seventies, with Emlyn recovering from lung and bowel cancer and Kathleen facing a major foot operation, they needed support to access the right benefits to secure more income and help with their rent arrears. Advisor Nick made multiple visits to their home and sorted everything out for them, including getting them signed up to a Warm Homes Discount scheme. Emlyn tell us:

“Nick is a hero to us. He comes over and immediately puts you at ease. He knows exactly what to say and is so knowledgeable.

“I am from the old school, and to understand something I need it in my hand. I don’t even know how to switch a computer on. But everything is online these days. I can’t even print out a form. We are just relieved that Nick came over and explained everything to us and helped us out.”