Energy Advice Project

Our Energy Advice Project (EAP) is dedicated to helping combat fuel poverty and provides one-to-one advice and support to people experiencing difficulties with their energy costs or who are at risk of fuel poverty. 

How the Project can help

Nationwide, our telephone and support services cover:

  • Dealing with fuel debt, including negotiation of affordable payment arrangements and grant applications to Charitable Trusts for arrears and essential household items.
  • A home energy audit to identify bespoke energy saving measures
  • Accessing grants for insulation and other energy efficiency measures
  • Finding the cheapest supplier and tariff
  • Budgeting for ongoing energy consumption
  • Understanding your bill & setting heating controllers

Within Bristol we are able to offer face-to-face advice. Group sessions and home energy audits to identify bespoke energy saving are offered to those living in Bristol, South Gloucester, Bath and North East Somerset and Somerset (subject to secured funding).

How to contact us
If you are an individual struggling with your utility bills please call us on 0117 954 3544 / 0800 141 2004 or send us an email to  If you work with clients who would benefit from our services and would like to refer them please complete the referral form and email to or fax it on 0117 954 3992.

The Energy team are: Rhianne Hawkins,  Sylwia Kulaczkowska, Esme Parry, Livia Newington, Lisa Warrington, Basia Cieszewska, Poppy Rivers, Rebecca Girotti and Hari Ramakrishnan.

What people say about the Energy Advice Project

 “Since receiving expert money advice I feel far more in control now. I don’t have the burden of debt panicking me in the background.  I feel a lot more confident and feel I can manage now. This is despite the bad health days.  I know I will get through it and it will not deter me from my path.”  Julie

Things are getting better, I feel more confident.  Your service has been absolutely amazing. Thank you. Afsana

Things are much better now my gas and electricity is sorted and my washing machine is here.  It is so amazing have a new washing machine and starting with a clean slate on my energy.”  Sarah

Our situation has improved and the award from the energy trust has been a huge help that has come at the right time for us.  Geoff

These comments are taken from our feedback questionnaires 2014. 

The Energy Advice Project is funded independently by the EDF Energy Trust and The British Gas Energy Trust. 
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